What gift to give your daughter for Christmas?

Finding a Christmas present that will please your daughter is not easy. You have to be a good observer first. If not, here are some ideas for Christmas gifts that a girl will love.

Building sets

It's obvious that you're thinking : i thought about this. It's only natural. It's one of the most popular gifts. From the age of five, children can already express themselves fully. If your daughter likes to build things, building sets will help her develop this talent. With this plastic assembly toy, your little girl can make her own creations. She can simply put the pieces together to create the building she wants.

Building sets usually consist of several pieces of different shapes and colours. They do not require energy or heat to operate. Little girls can take them everywhere and play with their friends. 

Aquabeads: a magical world

Aquabeads are an original gift idea. By creating beautiful patterns, they allow girls to express their latent imagination and creativity.

The complete set is actually made up of many colourful beads that stick together when sprayed with water. It comes with over 1800 beads in 26 colours, which your daughter can arrange in any direction to create unique patterns. 

What makes this toy unique is its flexibility and educational value. For example, your daughter can assemble different patterns, such as princesses, animals, cars, etc. The educational value is that it helps develop your child's imagination and creativity.

The Polly Pocket game

Does your daughter like the story of Polly and her friends? Discover a whole new world of Polly and her friends with the Polly Pocket Universe set. The perfect gift for a 5-year-old girl.

The Polly Pocket boxes vary in theme. Choose your daughter's favourite colour to make her happy. The complete package includes all the accessories and main characters that make up the Polly Pocket world. All in a compact box that she can take everywhere with her.