The Remarkable Feat of Artificial Intelligence in Fighting the Covid-19 Virus

Frankly, all hands are on deck in bringing the Covid-19 pandemic to a standstill. This is in light of how AI has been engaged in the University of Liverpool in making certain forecasts.

How this worked

The group in question used a combination of basic biology and machine learning to carry out their artificial intelligence-based findings.

Their computer algorithm relayed that there are still more potential carriers of virus strains than known for now. This prediction calls for caution as the global community cannot afford to deal with a mutation of the virus in these manners.

This also indicates that the effort to bring the Covid-19 virus to a standstill is not over and more sensitization should be carried out. Furthermore, more health prediction from such an unconventional source has to be taken seriously.

The researchers related existing evidence in biology into algorithms, hereby teaching the computer how to detect the viruses and carriers species that are likely to become a suitable host.

The teams made the algorithm seek biological patterns and foresee which mammals are causes for concern. This result of the research should the connections between 411 strains of coronavirus and 876 possible mammal species.

The predictive phase occurred in seeking species that can accommodate several carriers at once.

A senior researcher used occurring biological knowledge to instruct the algorithm to investigate for patterns that may likely happen later. This phase then assumed that many more mammals were possible carriers of new strains. 

Importance of this Research

These groups of scientists still believe that another pandemic might come up. They also proved that the use of this procedure will help find viruses in real-time.

It should be noted that the major importance of this research is to detect and tackle the pandemic that could occur in the future, as well as shed more light on the usefulness of machine learning.

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