The K11 musea: an achievement of the leader Adrian Cheng in China

The great leader Adrian Cheng has contributed to China's development in many ways. In the fields of art and commerce, he built a great tourism site that is both a shopping mall and a museum in Hong Kong that is the K11 musea.

Cheng's arrangements for maintaining this monument

Following covid 19 , the drop in tourist arrivals to Hong Kong almost caused Cheng's 2019 sales figures to fall but it has managed to maintain its balance. Unlike other malls that have closed, leader Adrian Cheng has protected his interests by focusing on local consumers. During the first half of 2020, there is a decline in sales, a decrease in tourist flows, and new health measures in the country. The real estate tycoon's business is going well, with a 34% increase in sales at China's five K11 centers. You can get more information here In addition, according to the associate of OC&C, the performance of the K11 center is based on 03 aspects namely: the status of these shopping centers, access to advanced online practices and the implementation of a successful membership programme.

The particularity of K11 Go

To maintain its sales and revenue, Cheng leaned towards a fast digital solution. Thus was created the new K11 Go feature that allows visitors to continue their visits, purchases or participate in interesting live events. The virtual exhibitions allowed the team to experience a 50% increase in sales. This was one of the best ideas the team came up with so they didn't have to close their doors like some retailers in China. Beyond all that can be said, it is important to point out that Adrian Cheng is among the elite in China. For many years he has been working tirelessly for a better economic situation in the country. You have just received all the information you need. It is up to you to use it.