Covid-19 Vaccine Delay

Due to a winter storm and a lot of other circumstances currently affecting the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, there has been a reduction in the rate at which the vaccines are distributed. However, efforts are being made to fast-track the distribution process. 

Delayed States

In places like Alabama, certain health departments have stopped vaccination and close the clinics. In Colorado, the major cause of delay is the current weather situation.

However, the Colorado department of public health has stated that they will reschedule people’s appointments and the vaccination centers will continue to function in the state.

In Florida, the situation was a bit disappointing for people as there was massive cancellation in appointment dates. However, notifications will be sent to people about the delay as well as other announcements.

In Illinois, almost all the vaccine centers were closed on Tuesday as a result of the winter storm. This is except for three vaccination centers that were left open as they operate within the city limit. In Kentucky, key players are hopeful that the weather might return to normalcy or become a bit favorable. This is so that the vaccination can go on and make up for the delay.

In Mississippi, all vaccination centers were closed on Tuesday excluding the coast coliseum site in Harrison County. It was announced that other delayed and canceled appointments will be rescheduled.

Other notable States

In Missouri, all mass vaccination was canceled due to the winter storm. In Nevada and Ohio, the situation is almost the same as they might encounter delays in vaccine deliveries. It was tweeted on the health response page that the state might encounter delays in supplies or delivery of the vaccines.

In Oklahoma, some vaccination sites will have their time rescheduled as there may be temporal closure for the week.

In Tennessee, the vaccination sites were closed on Tuesday and other information will be communicated to the people. The vaccination sites are either affected by the interruption in electricity or deeply affected by intense winter storms in Texas and other localities. As a result, all vaccination centers are to reschedule.