Citibank $900 Million Error

Citibank is currently facing a big crisis. This is in light of an error given how the corporation wired $900 million last year to some lenders who were in a bitter fight with the beauty company - Revlon. The transfer was a mistake and the corporation is currently dealing with the mess.

The situation has ended up in the courtroom and things are not looking good presently for the financial institution.

The New Development

This is not a new development as Citibank has been involved in the incident since last year. On Tuesday, a federal judge after severe sitting on the case ruled that the recipients should not return the cash. This is a shocking development for Citibank as they were hoping that things will turn out in their favor.

Citibank initially wanted to pay small interest on Revlon’s behalf but an error occurred which caused the whole problem. Rather than this intention, the financial institution ended up making the full payment of the loan. The greatest cause for concern is that the group of lenders has refused to pay back the excess of $500 million in question.

Frankly, this is very unusual as the receiver of funds transferred in error is required to give it back. However, the case has been different in this matter. This is given how the creditors stated that they have genuine reasons to believe the payment was made intentionally.

There are legal penalties for such actions as accidental transfers and mostly digital errors are very common in the digital age. For instance, a Pennsylvania duo faced charges after committing the same offense recently. 

More Legal Tussle

Citibank has strongly disagreed and still has the intention to appeal. This is indeed a great setback for the financial institution and people are hoping to see how the situation will eventually turnout.


The company is hoping that things will eventually turn out in their favor as this is not a good time for such an occurrence.